The Computer – A Dust Bunny Breeding Ground

We all hate those pesky dust bunnies.  They sneak into our houses, find corners, dark spaces, even appliances, then begin to quickly breed and grow.  Vigilance is our only defense.

Sadly, they also find their way into our computer.  It’s the perfect place for them to hide, because most of us don’t ever look inside our computers.  If you haven’t looked inside yours, this is what you might find:

The dust bunnies invaded this computer, and over the course of four years, made it their home.  The owner never looked inside, so they were never threatened.  This is not what YOU should do.  Dust bunnies can wreck your computer.


Notice the nest:

If you find one of these in your computer, GET RID OF IT!  You have let the dust bunnies run rampant and now it’s time to show them they are not welcome.


NOTE: Do NOT use a vacuum cleaner to rid yourselves of those dust bunnies. The vacuum generated static electricity which is BAD for your computer.


Be warned!  This is not the only nest.  The dust bunnies love tight spaces, see how they have accumulated here:

This is very bad.  The main component of your computer, the CPU, is under here.  The CPU can’t get air once the dust bunnies have build their nest. Without air it gets hot and can stop working.  When that happens your computer will lock up (or freeze), Blue Screen, or may simply die.  DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

How to prevent dust bunny invasion?

It’s quite simple.  Your local electronics store sells Canned Air, go buy some. Every few months, open your computer, and blow those nasty dust bunnies away.  If you see the beginnings of a nest, give that area special attention with the canned air.  Show no mercy!


Don’t let the dust bunnies wreck your computer.

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