Many of our customers are getting viruses these days.

Read below to avoid being the next victim.

When the source of the free stuff is not known to be safe then it should be assumed to be unsafe. Cracked software and keygen software purport to get you something for free that you should have paid for. 90% of the cracks and keygens have malware. Free children’s games are often packed with adware and other malware. Often the first step in getting an infection is to pop up a window that seeks to get your approval to install the malware by pretending to be something you want done.

Below are examples of fake update notices and fake virus warnings that are an attempt at infecting your computer from downloaded software and bad Websites:

If you get a new toolbar for your browser or your default search engine changes to something you have never seen before they you may have a virus or you may get one soon. If it changes to then you just installed a legitimate java update and you didn’t pay attention and uncheck the option to make your default search provider.

What Anti-Virus software does Falcon Recommend?

We recommend purchasing Kaspersky Anti-Virus: Kaspersky has three levels of security.  Do not buy more than Anti-Virus, it might interfere with your Trading software.  Kaspersky or other AV clients will not prevent you from installing Malware (adware, spyware, etc.) if you do download software from one of the places indicated above.

If you have Kaspersky but suspect you have a Malware:


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